DxD Lab

data, interaction, design

The DxD Lab is an interdisciplinary research group within the Industrial Design Department at KAIST. We explore design from, with, and by data to develop technologies that are more sensitive to human concerns and behaviors. Our research aims to build a more inclusive society by understanding the social impact of data and AI and by making technology accountable and accessible. Our current projects are developing human-centered and participatory approaches to designing algorithmic systems that are transparent, reliable, and responsive to community values and needs.

Research areas

Inclusive Algorithmic Experiences
Algorithms embedded in recent systems have inherent risks of providing non- or less-inclusive experiences to marginalized populations such as users with disabilities. We seek to design ways to foster an inclusive AX that could support the values of various users.

Human-Centered AI for Mental Health
Can AI empower individuals to be their own mental health agent? We examine AI’s potential for our mental health and propose ML/NLP applications that can support informed health decision. We also design novel methods to uncover underlying users’ perceptions and behaviors associated with algorithmic systems.

Data Humanism
Instead of focusing on the numbers, technologies, or algorithms around data, we should make room for a more personal approach that allows for context, serendipity, and even imperfections. We design approaches to synthesize data and storytelling in innovative ways to create visions of people, ideas, organizations, culture, and society.


Sep 1, 2022 MindScope has been featured in KAIST breakthrough newsletter.
Sep 1, 2022 Kwangyoung Lee joined DxD lab as a Ph.D. student 🎉
Sep 1, 2022 Sooyeon Ahn joined DxD lab as a Master’s student 🎉

Key publications

  1. Prediction for Retrospection: Integrating Algorithmic Stress Prediction into Personal Informatics Systems for College Students’ Mental Health
    Kim, Taewan, Kim, Haesoo, Lee, Ha Yeon, Goh, Hwarang, Abdigapporov, Shakhboz, Jeong, Mingon, Cho, Hyunsung, Han, Kyungsik, Noh, Youngtae, Lee, Sung-Ju, and Hong, Hwajung
    CHI ’22, Apr 2022
  2. “It’s not wrong, but I’m quite disappointed”: Toward an Inclusive Algorithmic Experience for Content Creators with Disabilities
    Choi, Dasom, Lee, Uichin, and Hong, Hwajung
    CHI ’22 Apr 2022
  3. Understanding University Students’ Experiences, Perceptions, and Attitudes Toward Peers Displaying Mental Health–Related Problems on Social Networking Sites: Online Survey and Interview Study
    Kim, Taewan, and Hong, Hwajung
    JMIR Mental Health ’21, Apr 2021