DxD Lab

data, interaction, design

The DxD Lab is based out of IDKAIST. We explore design from, with and by data to develop technologies that are more sensitive to human concerns and behaviors.
We also investigate the social impact of data and artificial intelligence. We work to provide novel conceptual and computational tools and methodologies for designing various human-centered AI applications from algorithmic fact-checking to a voice-based conversational agent for autistic adolescents.


Feb 28, 2022 Hyunseung Lim joined DxD lab as a Master’s student 🎉
Aug 20, 2021 Jowon Kang joined DxD lab as a Master's student 🎉🎉
Jul 22, 2021 Congratulations🎉 Mintra Ruensuk defended her Ph.D Thesis

Key publications

  1. Prediction for Retrospection: Integrating Algorithmic Stress Prediction into Personal Informatics Systems for College Students’ Mental Health
    Kim, Taewan, Kim, Haesoo, Lee, Ha Yeon, Goh, Hwarang, Abdigapporov, Shakhboz, Jeong, Mingon, Cho, Hyunsung, Han, Kyungsik, Noh, Youngtae, Lee, Sung-Ju, and Hong, Hwajung
    CHI ’22, Apr 2022
  2. “It’s not wrong, but I’m quite disappointed”: Toward an Inclusive Algorithmic Experience for Content Creators with Disabilities
    Choi, Dasom, Lee, Uichin, and Hong, Hwajung
    CHI ’22 Apr 2022
  3. Understanding University Students’ Experiences, Perceptions, and Attitudes Toward Peers Displaying Mental Health–Related Problems on Social Networking Sites: Online Survey and Interview Study
    Kim, Taewan, and Hong, Hwajung
    JMIR Mental Health ’21, Apr 2021