1. Korean Emoticons: Understanding How Subtle Emotional Differences Are Evoked Online
    Kang, Chowon, Hong, Jong-ok, Chang, Wooje, Suk, Hyeon-jeong, and Hong, Hwajung
    CSCW ’22, Nov 2022
  2. GeniAuti: Toward Data-Driven Interventions to Challenging Behaviors of Autistic Children through Caregivers’ Tracking
    Jo, Eunkyung, park, Seora, Bang, Hyeonseok, Hong, Youngeun, Kim, Yeni, Choi, Jungwon, Kim, Bung Nyun, Epstein, Daniel A., and Hong, Hwajung
    CSCW ’22, Apr 2022
  3. Sticky Goals: Understanding Goal Commitments for Behavioral Changes in the Wild
    Lee, Hyunsoo, Kim, Auk, Hong, Hwajung, and Lee, Uichin
    CHI ’21, May 2021
  4. ADIO: An Interactive Artifact Physically Representing the Intangible Digital Audiobook Listening Experience in Everyday Living Spaces
    Lee, Kyung-Ryong, Kim, Beom, Kim, Junyoung, Hong, Hwajung, and Park, Young-Woo
    CHI ’21, May 2021
  5. Understanding Parenting Stress through Co-designed Self-Trackers
    Jo, Eunkyung, Toombs, Austin L., Gray, Colin M., and Hong, Hwajung
    CHI ’20, Apr 2020
  6. Toward Future-Centric Personal Informatics: Expecting Stressful Events and Preparing Personalized Interventions in Stress Management
    Lee, Kwangyoung, Cho, Hyewon, Toshnazarov, Kobiljon, Narziev, Nematjon, Rhim, So Young, Han, Kyungsik, Noh, YoungTae, and Hong, Hwajung
    CHI ’20, Apr 2020
  7. MindNavigator: Exploring the stress and self-interventions for mental wellness
    Lee, Kwangyoung, and Hong, Hwajung
    CHI ’18, Apr 2018
  8. Designing for Self-Tracking of Emotion and Experience with Tangible Modality
    Lee, Kwangyoung, and Hong, Hwajung
    CHI ’17, Jun 2017

AI / Algorithm

  1. Exploring the Use of a Voice-based Conversational Agent to Empower Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Cha, Inha, Kim, Sung-In, Hong, Hwajung, Yoo, Heejeong, and Lim, Youn-kyung
    CHI ’21, May 2021
  2. How Do You Feel Online: Exploiting Smartphone Sensors to Detect Transitory Emotions during Social Media Use
    Ruensuk, Mintra, Cheon, Eunyong, Hong, Hwajung, and Oakley, Ian
    IMWUT ’20, Dec 2020

Inclusion / Health

  1. Prediction for Retrospection: Integrating Algorithmic Stress Prediction into Personal Informatics Systems for College Students’ Mental Health
    Kim, Taewan, Kim, Haesoo, Lee, Ha Yeon, Goh, Hwarang, Abdigapporov, Shakhboz, Jeong, Mingon, Cho, Hyunsung, Han, Kyungsik, Noh, Youngtae, Lee, Sung-Ju, and Hong, Hwajung
    CHI ’22, Apr 2022
  2. “It’s not wrong, but I’m quite disappointed”: Toward an Inclusive Algorithmic Experience for Content Creators with Disabilities
    Choi, Dasom, Lee, Uichin, and Hong, Hwajung
    CHI ’22 Apr 2022
  3. Sad or just jealous? Using Experience Sampling to Understand and Detect Negative Affective Experiences on Instagram
    Ruensuk, Mintra, Kim, Taewan, Hong, Hwajung, and Oakley, Ian
    CHI ’22 Apr 2022
  4. Understanding University Students’ Experiences, Perceptions, and Attitudes Toward Peers Displaying Mental Health–Related Problems on Social Networking Sites: Online Survey and Interview Study
    Kim, Taewan, and Hong, Hwajung
    JMIR Mental Health ’21, Apr 2021
  5. Comparing Perspectives Around Human and Technology Support for Contact Tracing
    Lu, Xi, Reynolds, Tera L., Jo, Eunkyung, Hong, Hwajung, Page, Xinru, Chen, Yunan, and Epstein, Daniel A.
    CHI ’21, May 2021
  6. Enriched Social Translucence in Medical Crowdfunding
    Kim, Jennifer G., Kong, Ha-Kyung, Hong, Hwajung, and Karahalios, Karrie
    DIS ’20, Jul 2020
  7. MAMAS: Supporting Parent–Child Mealtime Interactions Using Automated Tracking and Speech Recognition
    Jo, Eunkyung, Bang, Hyeonseok, Ryu, Myeonghan, Sung, Eun Jee, Leem, Sungmook, and Hwajung Hong,
    CSCW ’20, May 2020
  8. In Helping a Vulnerable Bot, You Help Yourself: Designing a Social Bot as a Care-Receiver to Promote Mental Health and Reduce Stigma
    Kim, Taewan, Ruensuk, Mintra, and Hong, Hwajung
    CHI ’20, Apr 2020
  9. Toward becoming a better self: Understanding self-tracking experiences of adolescents with autism spectrum disorder using custom trackers
    Kim, Sung-In, Jo, Eunkyung, Ryu, Myeonghan, Cha, Inha, Kim, Young-Ho, Yoo, Heejung, and Hong, Hwajung
    PervasiveHealth ’19, May 2019